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Friday, June 15, 2012

Aerodrom updated to version

Aerodrom is a AirPlay server application for Microsoft Windows has been updated to version Customers will get the latest version with the automatic update feature which is triggered on startup.

This is a major upgrade for us. We implemented a whole new video engine based on the the fantastic libraries of the FFmpeg project. Video now supports HTTP live streaming (HLS) right out of the box. VLC player is not needed anymore and all users have the same video experience without the need for extra codec packs, which should also improve support.
We also changed our audio playback to the NAudio library. This is a major quality update in audio playback and also in stability. We also changed audio playback from iOS devices to use of AAC audio. This is like AppleTV and is pimary because of performance issues on iOS devices.
Album display info ist still broken for iOS devices. We will check on that when the new iOS 6 will be available.
Again we will continue to improve the quality of Aerodrom and a big thanks to all customers who helped further development with their purchase, input and especially bug reports or beta testing.


Alex said...

FYI, I'm having trouble playing video from vimeo.com. It shows the URL of the video then says
SetMediaFile: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: Open failed

Same thing happens in the app or the website, from ipad and iphone. Any way around it or does vimeo need to change?

Unknown said...

Playback seems choppier on audio compared to the last version?

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