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Aerodrom Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find a solution for your problem please contact us and/or check out our bulletin board at http://funkyfactory.bestdiscussion.net/.

  • Is iOS 7 currently supported?

Yes! We have released an update to version which restores iOS 7 compatibility. We successfully tested Aerodrom with the latest iOS version 7.0.2

  • Is iTunes 11 currently supported?

Yes! We have released an update to version which restores iTunes 11 compatibility.

  • General AirPlay problems?

Please check the page about a support document from Apple: Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring. Maybe your problems can be solved with that information.

  • How to redownload the installation?

Customers can use our customers download page to redownload the installation file.

  • How do i get an updated version?

Aerodrom has an automatic update built in. If you start Aerodrom it will check for a newer version as the current installed version and will download it, if the user wants to upgrade. See the latest blog announcement  for the latest version changes.

  • Are Media Center extenders supported?

We have not tested AerdromMCE with media extenders, but some users did. We changed functionality to get Aerodrom working with extenders. If you have externders please send us some feedback about your experience. We will try to get hands on an extender and do some more testing.

  • Can i install Aerodrom on more of my computers ?

For private use you can install Aerodrom on up to 3 of your computers (you own and use) If you have more than 3 computers or you are business user please contact us for a site license.

  • Is the iOS 5 feature AirPlay mirroring working with Aerodrom?

No. AirPlay mirroring protected by Apple Fairplay DRM. We currently do not know if Airplay mirroring will ever work with Aerodrom, but we do also like to support this feature. We do further research and work hard to get this running.

  • ALAC.dll is reported as trojan, virus or spyware?

ALAC.dll is a packed DLL which cannot be analyzed by virus scanners and is therefore falsely reported as trojan, virus or spyware. We assure you that ALAC.dll will do no harm to your system and your data. Please set an exception to your virus scanner and report us your virusscanner manufacturer. We already reported this DLL to Avira, Norton (Symantec), Sophos, Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, McAfee, Panda security and Norman. Avira, Avast, Norton (Symantec), Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Sophos already do no longer falsely detect ALAC.dll. If the Alac.dll is still detected please check for an update of the virus definition.
Updated version maybe redetected and need to reported again. Please report us a problem and we take care of that.
(Update)Since version this problem should not appear.

  • Installation problems ?

The Installer tries to set an exception on the Windows firewall for Aerodrom. If the Windows firewall service is disabled the installer makes an rollback with and error message. Please enable the Windows firewall service to avoid that problem.
If your license key fails please try to enter it in the correct manner. It is a single line of code. Please make sure you have no charater in front or the end. The license key contains no line breaks!
If you got further installation problems please try to use msiexec and create a logfile of the installation. Send us the logfile and we will check for your problems.

  • How can I check Bonjour for Windows is installed and running?

Normally Bonjour for Windows is installed if you install . If you don't have iTunes installed you can download Bonjour for Windows under http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999. It is called 'Bonjour Print Services for Windows'.
Make sure the Bonjour service is running Bonjour and not blocked by your firewall.

  • How can I make an AirPlay enabled app (e.g. YouTube) find my PC running Aerodrom?

Make sure that both the iOS device and the PC are connected to the same WiFi network.
Check the firwall settings of Windows for Aerodrom and Bonjour. Check your network adapters. Disable VMware virtual network adapters and try again - Those virtual adapters sometimes cause problems.
  • What should I do if I encounter discovery issues?

First close the AirPlay enabled application. Stop the application double clicking the home button and removing the application. Restart the application.
  • What should I do if it still does not discover?

Restarting the Aerodrom application on the PC and/or restarting your iOS device should fix the discovery issues. Check your WiFi router's settings. If your WiFi router supports interface isolation or WiFi isolation, make sure that these settings are turned off. These settings prevent wireless devices from communicating with each other. Refer to the documentation that came with your WiFi router to access its settings.
  • I can only stream the audio part of my video application. What should I do?

You are experiencing discovery issues. Follow the troubleshooting steps described above. Once the issue is fixed you should see a screen icon next to your computer's name in the AirPlay list and not an audio icon.
  • I can't stream audio at all. What should I do?

The license key could be invalid. Please check your registry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\funkyf@ctory Development\Aerodrom] or on 64Bit systems [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\funkyf@ctory Development\Aerodrom]. Make sure your license key is a single line and paste it from the email you received.
You are experiencing discovery issues. Follow the troubleshooting steps described above. If this does not work, please also try deactivating your Firewall, and switch off 'Personal Hotspot' mode.
  • It still does not work. What do I do next?

Contact us, and we'll help you troubleshoot. Please include as many information as possible (e.g. operating system and service pack version, firewall software, model of your WiFi router, ...) in the message.
  • Is my iOS device AirPlay compatible?

Airplay was introduced in iOS 4.2. The iPad, iPhone (3G or later), and iPod touch (2nd generation or later) running iOS 4.2 or greater are AirPlay compatible.
  • Videostreaming error 0xC00D1197 

This info should be obsolete since version

The video engine cannot connect to the streaming server. Please check your proxy settings in Internet Explorer. The default Aerodrom video engine uses Windows Media Player (WMP) and WMP uses the proxy settings of Internet Explorer.
With your error message you will get a link like ( Try to paste this link in MediaPlayer and check the detailed error message. Maybe you are just missing a video codec. 
  • Videostreaming problems?

This info should be obsolete since version

Aerodrom can use VLC media player to render certain video types (.mp4, .m4v, ...). You will need to install VLC 2.0.1  or greater (can be downloaded here) on your computer and select it in the aerodrom settings.

Apple introduced a new video streaming format called HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for use on iOS devices. VLC 2.0.1 is the first player which supports this new format on the Windows platform. There are still some possible bugs with the HLS support but it looks very promising for the future.

Many third party apps are currently using HLS to stream video content. These apps are now supported by Aerodrom.
  • If I decide I want a refund, can I get one?

Contact us within 24 hours of your purchase, and we'll give you a refund.


Chris W said...

when i use aerodrom with other airport speakers, they dont play in sync. all other airport points play in sync, but aerodrom is a good 1 or 2 seconds ahead of the others. how can i listen to music like that?

funky said...

We have a testversion which is perfectly in sync with our Airport Express - we need a tester - please contact us.

Edwin Poot said...

How can I make sure the AirPlayer window gets focus?
When Windows Mediacenter is running, it is behind that window...



funky said...

Use the Windows Media Center plugin: AerodromMCE.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to select an alterative audio output from within Aerodrom? (like the monitor selection)
I'd like to stream audio to my receiver instead of my TV.

Anonymous said...

New owner here. Works great %99 of the time, but I'm getting occasional gaps in play back of audio. All audio stops for 2-3 seconds then comes back.

Any ideas on a cause/resolution for that one?

iphone 4S
Windows 7 64bit
Dlink DIR-655 wifi.

funky said...

We will think of the feature with different audio devices for a future version.

funky said...

Occasional gaps happen because of frame drops since audio frames are streamed using udp protocol. This is mostly the case if your devices have bad network receiption or bandwith is limited due to heavy traffic.

David Ranger said...

I'd buy it right now if it wouldn't play my videos upside down. They show correctly on my phone, but show upside-down when played on my PC. So I'm assuming you are doing the same thing that windows media center is doing and not looking at the meta data on the video file for orientation.

funky said...

If it is just that easy to look into some meta data :-) - Currently we check the rotation matrix of quicktime videos. We will check on this issue!

Nathan said...

Just purchased and I'm using the MCE plugin for Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1. Audio works great, but no video even though the screen icon shows up next to pc name in airplay list. Any ideas? I've checked firewall, restarted plugin, iOS device...

funky said...

@Nathan: Please contact us with more details. Do eg. photos work ?

Pete said...

This is working well with mc7. I wonder if you can just run the plugin in the background, so when you try to stream to mc7 it just starts playing the stream - I.e. you do not need to find and start the plug in

Schlenk said...

It works fine under Win7. Great work!
In my ArcadeCabinet (XPpro sp2 with a low resolution monitor 640x480px) it won´t work: can´t hear audio - can´t see pictures via airplay.
is there a solution for my ArcadeCab?

PearlJamAaron said...

Great App! Love the integration into media center but seems to be hit and miss with me. Audio also seems crackling or distorted some times. One problem I have is when I play something on my iphone, then stop, then my wife plays something on her iphone, it doesnt seem to work. We usually have to restart the application or it crashes and we have to restart. I am looking forward to future updates! This has the potential to be a great applicaiton!

funky said...

@Schlenk - There are currently some issues with Windows XP which are already fixed for the next update.

@Pete: We are working on this issue too for the next update.

@PearlJamAaron: Thanks for the feedback. We have made progress with audio too.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great app.
But the DEMO-VERSION is not working correctly at my computer.

I get the airplaybutton at my ipad and when i choose the computer as destination, aerodrom opens its own playerwindow. After a second i get
an error like this:

Error playing video: Ausnahme von HRESULT:0XC00D109B

I can start and pause the video on the ipad using the play/pause-button in aerodromplyaer on the computer. But i have NO PICTURE !

what can i do ???

my computer is using Windows XP 32bit SP3
Mediaplayer 11.0.5721.5280
Windows Firewall is allowing aerodrom
Itunes & Quicktime is installed with newest version.

Best regards Hans-Peter

Anonymous said...

+1 for selecting different audio output devices.

Anonymous said...

The AerodromMCE-plugin is ok, but then I have to go and start it in the menu. It would be nice if the regular app, if media center integration was disabled, found the topmost window and put aerodrom infront of it. Even doing a simple minimize and then restore of WMC would be good enough.

funky said...

We made the Aerodrom plugin autostart on sending content for the upcoming update.

Adamtime said...

Love it and puchased today. I have one big question though, many of my movies are on "Goodplayer" app> This only streams the audio part of moveies. Any plans to support this app? I'd love it if you did!

Toby said...

Hi, Just purchased this and works great, with two small problems.
Firstly, if MCE is maximised, as it always is on my HTPC, the Aerodrom window opens behind it and isn't visible. If MCE is in normal window then it's fine.
Secondly, when playing videos, if the video is playing when I switch to Airplay, it pauses and I get a black screen until I hit pause and play again.
Is there some way I can fix these problems? Obviously the first is a bit of a problem but the second is no big issue really.

Anonymous said...

Hi, are you anywhere near supporting mirroring as so many of the apps I use don't have native airplay support? (bbc iplayer etc) I will be first inline to purchase once this feature is cracked!!

funky said...

About mirroring: We are working on it, but we haven't got success so far. But it looks promising.

JZDEPAB said...

Hi. I just purchased the product and love it. One problem:
When using the MCE plugin in, and selecting it from Extras, when I send video it never shows up in the Media Center interface. It is instead playing in your application behind MCE. I did not find any settings to fix this. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Yes mirroring would be great for me too, have you got any idea on timescales..?

funky said...

@JZDEPAB: Please contact us directly on http://funky-factory.blogspot.com/p/about.html to fix your problems.

Atha said...

Is there a Jailbreak tweak to enable mirroring?

alexg said...

MCE plugin leave a blue box around the video. Very annoying. Any way to run the video full screen?

ed cox said...

Hi there, i have also this problem: When using the MCE plugin in, and selecting it from Extras, when I send video it never shows up in the Media Center interface. It is instead playing in your application behind MCE. I did not find any settings to fix this. Am I missing something?
On my laptop it worked fine?

videodj said...

Trying out the demo version windows 7 64bit, keep getting an error when trying to play video. Only thing that works is pictures.

Error playing video: Exception from HRESULT:0xC00D11C6

Ali said...

When is the next expected update. Im waiting to purchase as i keep reading that the MCE plugin needs to be started everytime in the current version.

Ali said...

Also i keep reading that with MCE, the video play behind the window? Is this happening to everyone or is it just a misconfiguration for some?

funky said...

@Ali: We changed communication with MCE plugin with the next version update - the bug with the video should be fixed. Also will the plugin automatically start when content is airplayed.
The update will be released soon - we are currently in testing phase.

MicF said...

It's a great tool and love it.
Experiencing 2 issues, though:

Audio from iPhone has a lot of distortion and isn't usable at all for me right now.
Video works great including good audio quality.

Sometimes the server looses connection, when playing a youtube video. Restarting the video and it plays normally.

Can I be of any assist in bugfixing?

Anonymous said...

Another request for Airplay mirroring support. I am ready to purchase once that is supported.

Shmuelzon said...


I see that you have some issues that will be fixed in a future version. If I purchase Aerodrom now, am i guaranteed to get all future updates for free?


funky said...

@Airplay mirroring request: We worked hard on exploring the latest protocol changes, but it is currently not possible.

@Updates: As stated on our download page - Upgrades between minor versions are for free for registered users.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of having the MCE add-in automatically stop the currently playing media (eg TV) and automatically play the Airplay content, instead of having to run the app manually from extras and then connect?

funky said...

@MCE add-in: We have implemented automatic start of the AerodromMCE plugin in the current version under development. This feature will be released with the next update.

Anonymous said...

Airplay mark on the video player doesn't show up when controlling iTunes via iOS Remote app. Any idea on this issue?
Using demo version with Win7 64bit and iPad2.

funky said...

@AirPlay Symbol: Please check the FAQ page and your network settings.

Ali said...

I notice that videos that are in the photos application of the iphone they take VERY long to buffer, even a 30 sec video takes like 2 min to buffer to aerodrom before playing.
Where as movies/musicvideos from the "videos" application of the iphone start playback almost instantly...
im using wifi N, although i dont think its an issue with the network.

Alex89 said...

Cool with airplay sync! It is actually synced with my airport express, but the sound (only on Aerodrom) is lagging... Im sending spotify from my mac to airplay express and Aerodrom for windows through airfoil.

funky said...

@Ali: That depends on the videoplayer engine. Videos are not streamed by Aerodrom rather than streamed from the videoengine.

funky said...

@Alex: we don't know if Airfoil checks for delay - please try with iTunes.

bob.jackman said...

Disappointing about Mirroring! I know that Mac as a program, Reflection, that does mirroring. I'm curious how they are able to make that work (I'm sure it has something to do with being on a Mac). I know of several schools that are waiting for this program to be able to do mirroring and then they will want to buy in bulk! Is there a way to sign up for updates, so if it does happen I can be emailed?

funky said...

@jackman: i'm sure it has nothing to do being on a Mac. - it just a matter of know-how.

Ali said...

So when you mention to use VLC as player engine on windows. What exactly do you mean by that. VLC is just one of the media players i have installed on windows 7.
How do you make aerodrom use it as the engine?

PJA said...

FYI, on my iPad 2 it does not work. I have sent error reports so I hope that helps. I have no problems with my 3GS or my wife's iPhone 4. Also, I use Xbox's as extenders and they work beautifully! Not sure if there would be any way of selecting extenders... I use 3 xboxes.

funky said...

@Ali: Right click on the Aerodrom tray icon and you get a menu - click on preferences ....

funky said...

@PJA: We did not receive any error report? What is not working with your iPad2. We have a iPad2 running without problems.

Bullit said...

Airvideo does not seem to work through this. I can play videos from my stock videos app just fine but airvideo gives me an error that it cannot find the file. Disappointing.

funky said...

@Ali: the demo version can't use VLC - buy the full version.

funky said...

@Bullit: We do our best to support as many Apps as possible and to improve Aerodrom.

Josh said...

Any news on the ability (or lack there of) to mirror content in Aerodrom? As others have already stated, this is the only thing holding me back from obtaining your product.

fischeor said...


i just bought it and it´s wonderful piece of software.

I have one issue though: i am using this screensaver (http://www.exisoftware.com/slideshow-screensaver/) which starts after one minute of inactivity. And it starts while i am streaming a video to the pc. Is there a solution to that ?


funky said...

@Josh: We assure that we will make an announcement if we have mirroring working.

funky said...

@fischeor: We will check on that.

Anonymous said...

Please allow for the selection of the audio output device.

Curro said...

Me podeis explicar como usar el streaming con VLC?

funky said...

@Francisco: Select VLC playback in the configuration dialog (right mouse click on the tray icon)

Maksim Golov said...


Is it possible to use this program when PC connected to the router by cable? Or it can work only when both devices connected to the same network by WI-FI only?


funky said...

@ Maksim: The PC can be connected by cable.

Anonymous said...

Hi funky,

within mediacenter interpret, album and cover will only be shown if I start aerodrom manually from extras befor starting the song via airplay from my iphone.
If I first start playing from iphone then sound will be played but I get the message "Connect with AirPlay client".


Anonymous said...

What happens if I reinstall my operating system would I need to pay for the program again?

funky said...

@Anonymous: No, we can resend you your license key and the installation if needed on request, but please save it somewhere on your PC to keep our support time low. Time we need to spend for support is time lost for development !

Mike said...

Just discovered your plugin after looking for an iOS 5 supported version for awhile. While trying the demo, it seems like my audio is coming in a second or so sooner than the video. Is there anything I can do about this?

Unknown said...

Are Plex / IMDB / Apple Tralers apps able stream conent to Media Center plug in now ? ( Plex uses HLS as well as IMDB )


juan pedro said...

Hi, the new version supports Windows media center 8

funky said...

@Wv Barancok: As long as WMC is unable to play HLS the Aerodrom plugin will also be unable to play this type of content.

Anonymous said...

The new version doesn't work!!! I tried it a few weeks ago - crashed on launch. I just tried it again today on another 7mc - it runs until you try to launch or display content in media center - get popup unable to launch. Really wish this app would just do as advertised ...

funky said...

@Anonymous: Please update to version - The version has some problems with the Media Center plugin. We fixed that with the latest version.

Jeroen Verschoor said...

Dear Funky Factory,
thank you for the update with support for iOS 6.
It's a pitty that Aerodrome just won't play video within the Media Center interface, even when I use the MCE plugin in (selecting it from Extras).
I run my Media Center in fullscreen mode, the video I send will always be displayed behind Windows Media Center.
How can I fix this problem, it should be great when video will be played within Media Center (when possible without starting the plugin first) and when the video is finished Media Center can be used as normal again.

funky said...

@Jeroen Verschoor: Have activated the use of Media Center in the settings. You should get a message that Aerodrom is connected to Media Center and then it should automatic start and end. Please contact us directly if you still get problems. We will try to resolve your issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm having problems with DRM rights. An app plays on my iPad but when using Aerodrom, it shows a DRM error and does not display the video. What do I do from there?

funky said...

@Anonymous: This can also be a video decoding error. Please contact us via email and tell us what app you have problems with.

ag205 said...

I find that your Aerodrom software is compatible with Windows XP SP2 and not Windows XP SP3.Is there a workaround for this ? If not,then can I look forward to any upgrade in the near future to include Windows XP SP3.

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