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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aerodrom updated to version

Aerodrom is a AirPlay server application for Microsoft Windows has been updated to version Customers will get the latest version with the automatic update feature which is triggered on startup.

Aerdrom displays ablum info.

Aerdrom displays ablum info.
Some of the main improvements are that AerodromMCE is now automatic detecting Aerodrom. AerodromMCE does not need to be started - it is now started automatically and it stops playing other content.
We also added album info display, which apparently worked fine as we started with this feature on iOS 4.x, but stopped working with iOS 5.0.1 (this info is not transferred anymore). Apple TV users experience also problems with this feature, but it does work partially there. Anyhow album info display still works for playing from iTunes. Hopefully this will be fixed with iOS 5.1.
Video playback is still in our main focus. The release of VLC 2.0 helped only a little, because HTTP live streaming (HLS) is still not possible. Currently we put big effort in improving support for that and other currently unsupported formats.
We put many hours of development in the support of AirPlay mirroring, but we found that without further knowledge of Fairplay DRM we will unable to support this feature.
We will continue to improve the quality of Aerodrom and a big thanks to all customers who helped further development with their purchase, input and especially bug reports or beta testing.


Anonymous said...

so does this program mirror everything on the ipad or only pictures and videos?

funky said...

@Anonymous: Aerodrom supports only audio, pictures and video. Mirroring is not supported right now.

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