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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aerodrom updated to version

Aerodrom is the AirPlay / AirTunes server application for Microsoft Windows PC. has been updated to version

As AerodromMCE is now included in the Aerodrom setup please deinstall AerodromMCE before you install Aerodrom


rknox said...

Great app! Worked with photos, videos and audio! And with ios 5 on my iPad.
I did try the SyncTime once - there was quite a delay, but I tried it with my iPad and MCE - maybe that isn't supported?

A few suggestions:
- is it possible to display the artwork while streaming audio. I don't have appletv so don't know what the true airplay experience is like. Would be nicer than the big blue screen
- the other mce AirPlay app I tried started the moment you select mce from device. While your approach with the "extras app" integration works ok, it does require a startup step on the mce side.
- also, if going that route, why not build app launch into mce main menus - having to go to extras folder is cumbersome.

funky said...

About artwork: this feature is in the works and will be released with the next version.
About MCE integration: First we tried the same approach as the free Media Center plugin - but running a background plugin has some limitations - e.g. you can't rotate the video (which is needed because some videos are streamed rotated).
We will improve the integration in the future.

rknox said...

Yeah, and from my wife's iPhone seems photos in the roll need rotating. Looking forward to the next release.

Steve said...

I tried the demo version and it couldn't display video from iPad when using airplay in airvideo. Does the paid version work with airvideo?

funky said...

To be honest: AirVideo is currently the least developed feature of Aerodrom. If the demo version does not work for you we cannot recommend you the full version. Maybe you can sort out your problems by checking out the FAQ section. There you also find the current status on video streaming.

Andrei said...


Great app but has some stability issues, I caught it using 100% CPU in standby (Windows 7 x64, E7200 intel proc). Any chance to fix this?


funky said...

@Andrei: We will keep an eye on that.

Unknown said...

I am getting some pretty bad stuttering with the new version. It connects and works much more reliably, but the stuttering is consistent and fairly bad.

Jon said...

Hi There. This plug-in looks promising. I would buy it if it supported automatic playback like the other AirPlay plug-in for WMC. I understand the constraints, but if you can offer the user the options for automatic playback vs. launch within MCE that would be of interest to me.

funky said...

@Sivart321: We have fixed this issue with the next update. But we have no date for the update.

@Jon: We are working on this issue right now also for the next update.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to your next update of this great program!

It would be much appreciated if you could give us a timeframe for when this update would be available to us?

Is there any betas available for testing?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Screen sharing, as I use this quite often on the Apple TV and would buy your app instantly if it had support for this on the devices which support it (iphone 4s/ipad 2)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just bought airodrom, awesome software, but one thing doesn't work: Playing vimeo Videos from Safari on iPhone, Youtube works fine. It only says: "Error playing video. Cannot find media file"

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